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At Wealth Management Resources, our concern and focus are on the health and safety of all our clients, their families and employees. We want to share with you the steps we are taking as a firm as part of our Business Continuity Plan in response to the current Covid-19 virus situation:

Steps we have implemented at the Firm:

  1. In addition to monitoring the status of the COVID-19 on a daily basis, please be assured that we have a formal plan to ensure the continuity of our business and operations:
    • We have implemented necessary steps to manage the prevention of the virus in our office.
    • Our staff have been advised to take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families from contracting the virus in line with CDC and local government recommendations including hand-washing and other applicable hygiene practices.All necessary steps are being taken at our office to keep it clean and virus-free.
  2. We have provided guidelines to our employees to follow to help lessen the spread of illness:
    • Employees have been directed to stay home from work and seek immediate medical attention if they should exhibit symptoms or become ill.
    • We have secure systems in place to allow all employees to work from home as needed.As part of our BCP, we are fully prepared to continue all operations for events like this.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our ability to continue to service you and your accounts through our Firm, please contact me directly. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in our Firm.

Sincerely,Kevin R. Worthley, EVP & Co-Principal

Chief Compliance Officer