Employees are among your most valuable assets.

Gain valuable tax advantages for yourself, your business and employees, improve the company’s benefits package to attract skilled candidates, and improve morale for your business.

Whether you are looking to create a new retirement plan or need to revive your current plan, Wealth Management Resources, Inc. is here to help.

How Wealth Management Resources can improve your plan

Educate employees with on-site seminars and financial planning.

Retirement planning is a complicated topic. Plan sponsors are required to provide employees with the necessary information to help them make good decisions. We are professional financial advisors and educators. We work with plan sponsors to design and implement an appropriate education program for your employees; including sessions on plan enrollment, plan updates and other financial planning topics, satisfying your fiduciary obligation to educate employees.

Employer sponsored retirement options with Wealth Management Resources

Custom plan designed by professionals.

Because having the right plan design is so important, we offer a free analysis of your current plan design to determine if it is the most effective design to achieve the goals you have set.

Keeping your fees low and transparent.

We help plan sponsors meet their duty to make sure that the fees paid by their plan are reasonable. We review the costs of your plan, even those that may not be easy to spot, to make sure your plan is working hard for you and your employees. Our services will help you meet your fiduciary responsibility to your plan.

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